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What we do
We operate web pages which show information on the Internet about local driving schools and driving instructors who provide driving lessons, available in your town, village or suburb, in your postcode. These web pages are already listed online and are getting clicks.

How we can help you
If you would like to gain new driving school students in a particular postal district, you can join us and purchase a licence for that web page or all the web pages which cover your working postcode. This means that whenever someone fills in the form on any of those pages to request a driving lesson or driving course quotation, those details are automatically emailed to you right away. And if you are new in business and your website is still being established online, our service would give you an instant online presents and your services would be seen immediately.

And if you have your own website, you can also include your trading name and a link to your website, but this is optional. And you don't have to worry about any competition, you will be the only person receiving the quotation requests, not like the other websites which can send the same quotation request to more than a dozen driving instructors in a particular postal district. With us, you are the licenced person for that web page, so only you get all the enquiries - nobody else.

Licences are for twelve months and are renewable for 1 year or up to 5 years at a time and are surprisingly cheap. The annual fee is depending on how big the population of a particular postal district is. For example, if you provide driving lessons in Burgess Hill which lies in West Sussex, the postcode is RH15 which also includes the village of Ditchling Common with a total population for this postcode of over 31,000, the yearly cost for the two web pages, one for Burgess Hill and another page for Ditchling Common is only £21.00 a year or £84.00 for 5 years.

How many driving lessons a year do you need to get to justify paying out £21.00 a year for a web page already listed in the first few pages of a search result?

When you purchase a licence for a postcode, you will be given personal login details to your dashboard which will show you how many times your pages were viewed, how many quote requests were made and all data is logged on a secure server, just in case you accidentally deleted an email and need to log in to get a copy.

Got any questions? Send us an email. If you provide us with a landline number, we can call you back when convenient and have a chat.

What to do next?
To join us, please enter the first part of the postcode where you provide your driving lessons. For example, if you are looking for new driving pupils in Edgware, London, enter the postcode HA8 into the search box below. If a search comes up blank and you did enter the postcode correctly,
let us know and we can create this web page for you within a few days and the licence for this page is free for the first year to give us time to get it listed online.

So, to get started, just type the first part of your postcode into the box below, for example, if your full UK postcode is BN1 8TH, just enter BN1 and then type in the anti-spam number and click on Check Availability.

Enter the first part of your postcode:
If your full postcode is BN1 8TH, just enter BN1

*Please type the anti-spam number into the box below:


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